Focusing and Grief

Life Emerging
A Dynamic Expressive approach for being with children & adults

Would you like to learn about an innovative, holistic way of authentically being and working with adults and Children in your practice?This Novembre Harriët Teeuw & René Veugelers from the Netherlands are offering their unique 2 days intensive online training: “Focusing and grief” a training in experiential listening & Focusing skills, non-verbal communication, exploring Creativity and Presence, Inner-child contact and deepening bodily awareness.  In short: Dynamic Expressive Focusing!

Who: Designed for therapists and other professionals working with adults, children and youth. Also, open to parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning these skills. Most importantly it is available for YOU!

What its all about: You will learn the skills of listening to adults and Children in a Focusing way, working with creative expression and non-verbal communication. The central goal is to achieve authentic contact and open connection with both others and self through simple, structured exercises. Topics are: working with grief in steps related to different phases; Exploring your own Inner grief process and Living forward energy. What to offer when it gets stuck, when there is too much or when there is nothing. We will use all kind of different creative ways to explore this process.


22 - 23 nov 2024


14:00 - 21:00
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